How to Use the UF Health Search Form

Use one of the ways below to maximize your job search.

  • Entering keywords: The Keyword Search is performed against title, description and requirements of the job listed. Enter keywords and then click ‘Search.’
  • Pasting your resume/CV: To search for positions that match your experience, copy and paste your resume into the Paste Resume/CV box and click ‘Search.’
  • Position title: To search by specific job title, choose a job title and then click ‘Search.’
  • Location: To search by a specific Shands location, select the location you want to work in from the ‘Location’ drop-down menu and then click ‘Search.’
  • City: To search by a specific city, select the city where you want to work from the ‘City’ drop-down menu and then click ‘Search.’
  • Interest category: If you know the area of Shands that you are interested in working for, select the area of our business you are interested in from the ‘Interest Category’ drop-down menu and click ‘Search.’
  • Searching all job opportunities: To search all of our jobs, simply leave all of the fields in the search criteria empty and then click ‘Search.’